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Found this info on a friend's LJ this morning. I know Bast, and know of enkidnut's.
Even if all you can offer is $5 or $10, every little bit will help. <3

Help Save a Home!

(copied from @enkidnuts' gofund page)

I am disabled, applying for Social Security disability, but have been denied twice. Am now facing an adjudication in April, but have no guarantees I will prevail. I receive food stamps and $197 a month on my state's Aged, Blind and Disabled assistance program. To continue receiving both I am not allowed to work, even if I could, which I am truly not physically able. Its a classic Catch-22 situation

I own my own home, but am unable to tap into any equity due to my bad credit rating. I have been disabled for over two years and wrestling with SSI and SSDI for all of that time. My condo association has hit me with a special assessment which they want paid in full within 10 days or they will shut my water off; then begin forclosure proceedings.

I also have a creditor suing me over a $1400 debt which could create another foreclosure apparently.

I've worked hard all my life, and would still be doing so if I could, if I lose my home I will be homeless because there is no low cost housing available for someone like me and rents are over 1000 dollars a month where I live. If I could get past this financial hurdle I could begin to rebuild my life, irregardless of the outcome of my SSDI hearing in April.

I've thrown myself on the mercy of the condo association asking for more time to meet the obligation, I don't have an answer from them yet about that. If I could raise this amount by Feb 2, 2014 I can keep the wolf away from my door a bit longer.

Thank you for any help you can give.

GoFund Page


Help Save a Home!

(copied from an email)

My good friend and zine editor, @maubast must come up with 700 dollars US by February 5th to avoid losing the family home. Her mother has lung cancer, Bast is disabled and so is her daughter who lives with them.

If you can help her, no matter how small the contribution---please do. She gets no help from Social Security Disability; her state rejected Obamacare---so this is a family about to become homeless with no place to turn for help. Please feel free to pass the word as well. We have to help each other it seems,, there is no help for poor people in the US anymore.

Thank you so much. Email and paypal account is:


Please feel free to share this information if you think anyone on your flist might possibly be able to help as well - the more people that know, the better chance there will be to help both @enkiduts and @maubast stay in their homes.

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