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A href="">LOLcats Grammy Awards (via shareaholic)

Ohai, Cheezfrends! The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards take place this Sunday. We love music, but we think the Grammys (and music, generally) could use MOAR KITTEHS! Our dream Grammy Awards might look a little something like this:

Funny Pictures - Arcade Fire, Grammys, Lolcats

Alternate LOLspeak title: Teh LOLBurbz by Unspayed Khoir
Owr revyoo: These lil%u2019 kittehs are the darlings of the indie world. They%u2019re a bit shy due to their underground roots, but they pull no punches when performing live! We think they are this year%u2019s dark horse kitteh and have a fair shot at the grand prize!

Funny Pictures - Lady GaGa, Grammys, Lolcats

Alternate LOLspeak title: Teh Maim Nomster by Lady MeowMeow
Owr revyoo: She%u2019s fierce. She%u2019s fabulous. She rocks a lime hat better than any other kitteh in the game. Being the most successful kitteh currently making pop music, she seems like a shoo-in for the award. And we think she deserves it! After all, how can you not love a kitteh whose wicked fashion sense is matched only by her wicked tunes?

Funny Pictures - Katy Perry, Grammys, Lolcats

Alternate LOLspeak title: Cheezburger Dreamz by Kitty Purry
Owr revyoo: This pop sensation has her head in the clouds and both front paws placed firmly upon two canisters of whipped cream ready to shoot forth from her%u2014OMG LOOK SOME FIREWORX! Everyone thinks she%u2019s super-cute, but is that enough to lead her to victory?

Plz 2 clik fru 2 see teh rest ob teh nomineez n 2 vote in owr poll!

Funny Pictures - Eminem, Grammys, Lolcats

Alternate LOLspeak title: Recoberin (Frum Cheez Hangober) by M&Mz
Owr revyoo: It%u2019s been a bumpy road for this controversial rappin%u2019 cat with, uh, a few anger issues. We%u2019re a little afraid of what might happen if he doesn%u2019t win. What fresh and horrible presents will we find in our shoes if he goes home a sore loser?

Funny Pictures - Lady Antebellum, Grammys, Lolcats

Alternate LOLspeak title: Need Nomz Nao by Lady Anti-Goggie
Owr revyoo: Being the only band to receive a nomination, this itteh bitteh country-singing committeh of cyoot kittehs is the hope of all pop-country crossover fans out there. The odds of them winning seem slim, but we hoomins do love a good underdog story, which gives them an edge.

Before we return you to your normally scheduled programming, we want to know who you would vote for in the LOLCats Grammys!
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These have been particularly popular on LJ. I, I shall keep sending some as I find particulalry LOLable.

the link below has a link to the "original" song on it. :-)) (via shareaholic)

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