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Huband sent this to last night. Says I can share it :-)

To Whomever Receives This-

I had my first experiences with computers back in high school in suburban Illinois in the late 1970s. My friend had bought a TRS-80, and I was impressed by what these new-fangled machines could do. I imposed on my parents to get me a computer, and through comparison shopping, they settled on an Apple II. The original, with integer Basic, and a single 5.25" floppy drive, in addition to the casette loading system.

It is no understatement that this machine led me to a career in Information Technology. The hours I spent taking programs apart and building my own programs drove me through college and into the working world.

While I have fallen on hard economic times, and write this on an old IBM PC clone, my father still uses our old Apple II (now converted to "plus" status with FP Basic, and upgraded with a total of 2 floppy drives), and I have not one, but two Apple 2e's upstairs, waiting to be reborn now that we've settled into our (fairly) new home. If I had the money, this would be an iPad, and I hope to recover both health and finances sufficiently to make that dream come true.

To the two Steves, Jobs and Wozniak, I can never say "Thank You" enough. They inspired a compete and total nerd, adrift in high school, and set him on a course that would give him a tremendous life. It was this career that allowed me to travel the country, represent our fighting men during years of World War 2 re-enacting, and to meet and marry a wonderful woman from halfway across the country. Steve Jobs gave me my working life, fired my imagination to create and populate a science-fiction universe, and most of all, to help others strive for their full potential. He was, and will always be, my North star, leading me onward through life.

The world is a greater place for his presence, and though we have lost much, we gained so much more. We owe him so much, and though it is a tiny down payment, I just want to say "Thank You".

My best wishes to the people of Apple, and to the friends and family of Steve Jobs. If it is true that no person dies so long as we remember them, Steve Jobs will truly be immortal.

Thank You
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