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A great and beautiful soul left this earth on Saturday. She will be missed by so many, especially those little 4 legged guys she spent so much of her life transporting and saving.

Catherine & Elyse: A Tribute Forward
By Doranna Durgin

For the past week, I’ve been tweeting about Elyse Rescue Puppy.

Elyse was left at an Albuquerque pound at the age of six weeks old. Way off on the East Coast, an eagle-eyed rescue worker spotted her situation and–of all the dogs she’s helped to new homes–chose Elyse to be her own. An Albuquerque rescue worker pulled Elyse from the pound and homed her for two weeks as the call went out for a new Rescue Road Warriors transport route: a long and deftly stitched chain of 90-minute driving legs over two weekends.

My leg was the first–from Albuquerque to Santa Rosa. There, Catherine Bugg took two legs to get Elyse to Amarillo, Texas.

So over the past week, I’ve been on Twitter and FaceBook, blurting out my excitement. “We’re going to get to help Elyse!” “I’m going to pick up Elyse for her overnight stay before we leave!” “ConneryBeagle loves Elyse!” “We’re heading out with Elyse–!” She was 8 weeks old at that point, a 6-pound brindle bundle of energy and personality.

There wasn’t any particular weather forecast for the day, but we soon ran into a strange, thick and freezing Twilight Zone fog–I even took pictures of it, trying to capture its eerie nature. It waxed and waned, and followed us into Santa Rosa.

We met Catherine, and talked about Elyse’s travel accommodations and Catherine’s extensive experience with transport. She was cheerful, friendly, and absolutely dedicated to what she was doing–I remember thinking, “I’d like to have this woman as a friend.” We also talked about the weather, which had been better on her side of Santa Rosa.

It didn’t stay that way.

Shortly after I returned home and made my report to the transport chain, I received a phone call from Kerin, the coordinator for this Rescue Road Warrior transport. She was crying, and in short order, so was I.

TUCUMCARI, N.M. (KRQE) – An animal-rescue volunteer and the adopted puppy she was helping relay to its new owner died Saturday when freezing fog iced over Interstate 40 in Tucumcari.

Catherine Bugg of Tucumcari had picked up the puppy in Santa Rosa and was headed to Amarillo, Texas, when her pickup slid off I-40 and into oncoming traffic Saturday morning and hit a tractor-trailer rig.

The weather was freakish, sudden, and catastrophic, layering hidden black ice over the road, and now we mourn for an exceptional woman and the little piece of hope who was with her.

Catherine making a rescue dog transport exchange (Amy Franks, photo)

I talked to Catherine’s friend Christina today. On the one hand, I wanted to know more about this kindred spirit. On the other, I wanted everyone else to know, too. Because a life such as Catherine’s deserves tribute…and it deserves to be honored by the ongoing support for the causes about which she not only felt so deeply, but that she also did something about. You think I’m kidding? Just look at this.

She was a volunteer firefighter.

She was a volunteer reader for children–and she never let them down, even when it meant missing important events.

She started food co-op in the small, remote town of Tucumcari, changing the lives of those in a community with limited access to healthy food.

She was one of six foundation volunteers who started Quay County Rescue, funding it, organizing it, and providing the people power. She drove transport; she fostered dogs; she did adoption events. And as small as it is, the Tucumcari Rescue group still managed to make national news with their above-and-beyond efforts to return a Maltese to the family who had lost him a year earlier in their own tragic accident–the publicity from that event has helped to keep them going. In 2008, the euthanasia rates in Tucumcari were five times higher than the national average. Now? They’re just about down to nothing.


Catherine was raised in Santa Fe and led a fairly privileged early life, but when she came to Tucumcari, she plunged into support and volunteer activities and was adopted as one of their own. She put her journalist’s degree to work at the Quay County Sun, and her lively personality to work at KTMM as an announcer and talk show host. Nine years ago she became a single mother when her husband Allen passed away from West Nile; her son Quinten now lives in Tucumcari with his wife Cara and the step-daughter Catherine loved dearly. Catherine’s parents still live in Santa Fe, and her adventurous family is otherwise spread between Alaska and New Zealand. She recently found joy in a new relationship, a man named Jimmy whom she mentioned to me with a little bit of extra sparkle in her expression.

In other words, that first impression of mine… it was on the money and then some. Catherine was smart and savvy and she had a wicked sense of humor; she always found a way to make things good and positive and she didn’t carry a grudge. She paid it forward, sideways, and every which way but loose, making changes that made a difference.

It must run in the family. For what I’m hearing from those who were close to Catherine is how important it is to them that her work survives…and goes on.

Quay County Rescue (Petfinder #NM144; would love to continue what Catherine helped them start. They receive no funding from any outside agency; they manage on personal funds and donations. They’re accepting donations in Catherine’s memory.

There are two accounts at which donations are being accepted–the local vet hospital and the local feed store; there, donations are applied directly against expenses. Please mention that the donation is in Catherine’s memory.

Send to:

The Animal Rescue Fund at Tucumcari Animal Hospital
101 North 10th St
Tucumcari, NM 88401

Tucumcari Ranch Supply
Animal Rescue Account
502 S. Lake Street
Tucumcari, NM 88401

Catherine’s story is a compelling one; the rescue has already heard from those as far away as China. For Catherine and Elyse–two brave hearts in two very different packages who we lost far, far too early–this blog, these efforts to fund Catherine’s rescue work–are tributes forward. I hope you’ll join me in spreading the word.

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Rascal's family was stunned to find their cat, missing since the April 27 tornado that destroyed their home, sitting under their truck and looking much the worse for wear on July 11, 75 days later.

Rascal's family lost their home and practically everything else in the tornado that swept through Concord, Alabama last April and did not ever expect to see their missing cat again. Petmom Laura Ogden says "We just kind of figured he didn't make it, because he was in that end of the house that was totally destroyed." The Ogdens were amazed, though, early last week when a much thinner, injured and bedraggled version of Rascal turned up sitting under the family's truck.

The 9 1/2 pound cat had shrunk to 2 pounds and his collar had become tangled around a leg, causing serious damage. The vet removed the collar and reconstructed the damaged tissue area on the leg and Rascal is expected to recover fully.

As we have read and heard many times, when a family loses everything and finds a missing pet it makes a world of difference and helps them to move forward and get on with things. Ms. Ogden says of Rascal's return "Everybody's back together now and we can concentrate on putting our lives back together."


(There is video at the site, too.)
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I do not normally do this. But if any of you are reading this on Tuesday and have just a minute or 2 to spare, I am involved with an animal lobby group to get tougher laws her in Ohio. It's very heartbreaking what spurred this bill on, but it is so needed. A real SOB STARVED to DEATH 8 dogs, with 11 others so sick. We have the chance to get it voted on wednsday at 9am. So on Tusday, we are asking people to call or email *directly* Ohio reps. If none other, at least Rep Lynn Slaby (it's a MR, not a mrs).

Please, help a Gator?

I tweeted this- goes to vote Wedneday. We need calls, emails, faxes to law makers. Want to be annoying? AllieGator will share pizza!

and facebook bombed the news stations with this -
I know it is late in the day, but we are trying to push Nitro's Law passage. Wednesday is the Big Day. If this passes, Ohio will have felony laws on the books. has a concise run down of the law, with backstory and links. Meanwhile, this man will soon be able to reopen, take your money and murder your dog. Let's not let him get away with that. 19 dogs is already to many."

Nitro Before

Nitro AFTER- I was going to LJ cut, but this will always serve as a reminder and memorial.
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Not only do many mass bred puppies have many health problems,but alot of the general public forget that there is a mother stuck in a cage pumping out litter after litter her whole life untill she can produce no more.She is then killed,what a sad life,no different to battery hens and other factory farmed animals.With thousands of dogs and cats euthanised each year there is absolutly no need to breed more animals when there is already an out of control surplus of cats and dogs.Never buy from a pet shop(unless it can prove it is rehoming rescue animals)always go to the pound or recue shelter!
In this photo: Animal Welfare Cartoons NRT
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All but five states have tougher animal abuse laws than Ohio

Friday, April 8, 2011

Let%u2019s hope that the third time is the charm.

In the last three Ohio General Assemblies, legislation has been introduced to toughen the state's laws on animal abuse.

In the last session a bill actually passed in the House, but died in the Senate.

That bill, like another that has been introduced in the House this year, was inspired by a horrendous case of abuse in Youngstown in October 2008. Kennel operator Steven Croley abandoned 19 dogs in his care. Seven of them died of starvation; the others were severely malnourished.

Croley got off with an incredibly light sentence for all the pain he caused to the animals entrusted to him and to their owners, in part because of the inadequacy of the law and in part because of mistakes that were made. The law director said that enforcement agents should have waited for a search warrant before entering the premises of Croley's High Caliber K-9 on Coitsville-Hubbard Road. Humane officers countered that the law department was too quick to concede on the search-warrant issue. Other critics suggested that Croley should have faced additional fraud or theft charges for accepting payment from the dogs%u2019 owners for training and boarding, and then not providing even a minimum of care.

Be that as it may, Croley was sentence two years ago to four months in jail on four counts of animal cruelty. With credit for 13 days served before he posted bond, he was out in less time than some petty thieves.

Legislative remedy

The bill that would help protect another dog or dog owner from the next Steven Croley is called Nitro%u2019s Bill, taking its name from a Rott%u2013weiler that starved to death. His owner, Tom Siesto, has not forgotten his pet and has advocated a tougher law in Columbus and on a website dedicated to Nitro.

The legislation would make it illegal for kennel owners to abuse or neglect pets, and those that did could face felony charges, rather than misdemeanors. Judges could also place prohibitions or limitations on their future ability to operate kennels.

Democratic Reps. Ron Gerberry of Austintown, D-59th, and Bob Hagan of Youngstown, D-60th, have once again introduced the bill and, we trust, will be able to get it through the House again, even though control in this session has shifted to Republicans.

In all but five states, Croley would have faced felony charges.

That he couldn't or didn't here is something of a crime in itself. If the Ohio Senate doesn't take this new opportunity to approve tougher legislation dealing with the most callous of animal abusers, that, too, would be a crime.
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"It is of the utmost priority that each State keep and maintain a registry of all animal abusers. These abusers have been linked to serial killing, domestic violence as well as drug related issues and so forth. This kind of crime breeds other crimes and must be stopped. If we have a national registry of these criminals, we would be able to keep them from ever adopting an animal again, we would be able to look at them first when searching for a serial killer, we would be able to protect those who are victims of domestic violence. It's a new day and our animals need our voice. Please, President Obama, get involved in animal rights and make this happen.
Please support this petition.
Thank you and God Bless you
from all of us who care about our animals "
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They only have Dog and Cat info right now.
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Top 10 Reasons Why You Can't Trust Pit Bulls

10. They will steal your spot on the couch while you're up getting a soda.
9.They will take the treat you get them and bury it in the back yard like a paranoid crack head hiding their stash.
8. They will jump on your bed with muddy feet, making you do the laundry...AGAIN.
7. They will lick visitors with an uncontrolled passion only they understand.
6. They will cause children to smile.
5. They will make you feel horrible for not walking them by looking at you with deep sad eyes.
4. They will look at you like you committed a crime against them if you don't let them lick your ice cream bowl.
3. They will cause widespread happiness in large group settings.
2. They will crack you up by shaking their butts so hard you think they might snap in half.
And the Number 1 reason not to trust vicious pitbulls is.........
1. They will steal your heart like a thief in the night.
By: Patrick's Pals
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Photographer Cat Hits the Bigtime
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Cooper the Photographer Cat. Photo from Caters News Agency via the Daily Mail

Cooper the Photographer Cat. Photo from Caters News Agency via the Daily Mail

A cat that was rescued as a stray is now a worldwide celebrity.

His art works have been sold around in countries and exhibited in galleries–and have been incredibly well received.

Four years ago, Cooper’s owners, Michael and Dierdre Cross of Seattle, Wash., saw an article on the web about an architecture student who developed a timer-operated camera that he put around his cat’s neck to collect images for a photography assignment. The Crosses decided they wanted to get a similar camera for their own cat.

“When we first thought of putting a camera on Cooper it was simply to try to find an answer to the question that all cat owners ask: ‘Where does my cat go all day?’,” said Michael Cross.

“A geography experiment, really. We hoped that he didn’t cross busy streets or go into neighbors’ houses.”

But when Cooper brought the camera home at the end of that first day and the Crosses downloaded the photos, they were amazed by what they saw.

“Suddenly we no longer cared about exactly where he went, because just getting a glimpse of the beautiful images that fill Cooper’s day made us realize how wonderfully lush our neighborhood is from a cat’s perspective,” said Dierdre.

The Crosses found out that this spot under a bush is one of Cooper's favorite hangouts. Photo from Caters News Agency via the Daily Mail

The images capture Cooper’s visits with other cats, his favorite hiding places, and even a variety of abstract sky shots. In one shot, the Crosses got to see the moment the cat mocked a dog trapped behind the glass of a neighbor’s front porch.

But the cat camera didn’t just give the Crosses a glimpse into Cooper’s daily life. It also solved a problem for the feline artist.

“We learned through his photos that Cooper spent a huge amount of time each day just waiting to be let inside,” David said. “So we acted upon this knowledge, and installed a cat flap at the back door. All of the next week Cooper seemed to be a much happier cat, and it was clearly because he gained the freedom to come and go as he pleases.”

And now the five-year-old cat has become more famous than the Crosses could ever have imagined.

Cooper recently made an appearance on Animal Planet’s new series, Must Love Cats. His Facebook page has almost 38,000 fans, and his photographs have been on exhibit around the world, selling for hundreds of dollars each. His book Cat Cam: The World of Cooper the Photographer Cat, went on sale last October, receiving rave reviews from critics across the country. And in February, Cooper won a Best of the Decade award from Seattle Magazine.

When Michael and Dierdre celebrated the birth of their son Cameron, Cooper enthusiastically started taking pictures of his new little brother.

“People keep asking when Cameron will be wearing a camera around his neck,” said Michael. “And now that he’s started crawling, Cooper could have some competition.”

The video below is Cooper’s segment from Must Love Cats.

[Sources: Daily Mail and]
Photographer Cat Hits the Bigtime
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Palmetto, FL - In the Northwest, you might worry about a raccoon sneaking in through your dog's "doggie door" - or maybe a squirrel - or perhaps at the very worst, a smelly skunk.

But in Florida, a sneaky, uninvited intruder could be much more intimidating....

This past weekend, Alexis Dunbar discovered an unnerving creature inside of her Palmetto home - a 6 ft alligator!

Officials report that the alligator entered the home through a dog door.

Thankfully, none of Dunbar's pets were injured by the shocking, uninvited house guest.

However, knowing that the creature was able to enter the house has left the homeowner a bit rattled - and worried about getting a good night's sleep in the nights to come....
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The Great Jeffrey Dean Morgan Birthday Project Underway

Birthdays are a celebration of life, and to mark the anniversary of their favorite actor’s special day fans of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, Watchmen) are showing their “dogged” devotion by donating to a canine cause. In the following interview the founder of the 3rd annual Great Jeffrey Dean Morgan Birthday Project invites the actor’s admirers to join the party by making a pledge which will benefit The Brittany Foundation, a no-kill non-profit in Agua Dulce, California which provides a safe sanctuary for dogs as they wait to win a starring role in a forever home.

How did you come up with the idea of a Jeffrey Dean Morgan Birthday Project fundraiser to benefit The Brittany Foundation? came from the affection Jeff’s fans have for him as both an actor and a man. Because all those involved behind the scenes are active members of Jeff’s fan community, it was an ideal first-hand perspective to see how many JDM fans struggle year after year to come up with just the right birthday gift for him. That’s where the idea of was born. What sort of gift would both express affection for him and might be something he’d genuinely enjoy? The obvious answer was dogs. You can’t know anything about Jeff without knowing how much he loves dogs. All dogs in general, and his dogs in specific.

So that first year, our intention was simply to create a space where any JDM fan looking to wish Jeff a happy birthday could go and save a dog or ten in his name. And on his birthday, he’d get his gift from all those fans in the form of a collective check for the total amount raised by fans coming together to celebrate him in a way we hoped he’d love as much as we love him.

And he did! Loved it so much, in fact, that while the first year was a big surprise, the subsequent years he’s thrown his support behind it by making it clear how much this gift really does mean to him.

Last year Donate JDM raised more than $7,000 for The Brittany Foundation. How will you be raising funds this year to meet your goal, and how long will the fundraiser last?

READ MORE at the link above!!!!
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You know the drill - you see Pit Bull and attack in a headline and you start to shake your head. Here we go again, another bad dog in the news.

More ammunition for the Pit bull haters - get those vicious dogs off the street - they want to attack anything in their path.

Notorious for their over the top prey drive, no living creature is safe.

Surely this must all be true....

Well, just enjoy the slideshow today. Enjoy Parfait - a formerly abused Pit bull getting attacked by a pack of baby bunnies.

The bunnies were relentless - pestering, perstering, pestering - until the weary dog gave up her fight and simply...went to sleep.

Enjoy the smile and please, pass this one along and brighten the day of someone else.

Thank you to Rocky Ridge Refuge for providing these amazing, heart-warming photos.

If you would like to continue receiving dog-related articles, including the latest news, tips and advice, please click the Subscribe Icon. It's free and anonymous. Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing this story with others.

Story ideas can be shared at

Continue reading on Not your usual Pit Bull attack story.... - National Dogs |
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In pictures: Heroic dogs
Beauty, pictured left, and Bill Barnet

7 WW2 dogs honored in the UK.
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I am a dog. I am a living, breathing animal. I feel pain, joy, love, fear and pleasure.

I am not a thing. If I am hit - I will bruise, I will bleed, I will break. I will feel pain. I am not a thing.

I am a dog. I enjoy playtime, walk time, but more than anything, I enjoy time with my pack - my family - my people. I want nothing more than to be by the side of my human. I want to sleep where you sleep and walk where you walk. I am a dog and I feel love...I crave companionship.

I enjoy the touch of a kind hand and the softness of a good bed. I want to be inside of the home with my family, not stuck on the end of a chain or alone in a kennel or fenced yard for hours on end. I was born to be a companion, not to live a life of solitude.

I get too cold and I get too hot. I experience hunger and thirst. I am a living creature, not a thing.

When you leave, I want to go with you. If I stay behind, I will eagerly await your return. I long for the sound of your voice. I will do most anything to please you. I live to be your treasured companion.

I am a dog. My actions are not dictated by money, greed, or hatred. I do not know prejudice. I live in the moment and am ruled by love and loyalty.

Do not mistake me for a mindless object. I can feel and I can think. I can experience more than physical pain, I can feel fear and joy. I can feel love and confusion. I have emotions. I understand perhaps more than you do. I am able to comprehend the words you speak to me, but you are not always able to understand me.

I am a dog. I am not able to care for myself without your help. If you choose to tie me up and refuse to feed me, I will starve. If you abandon me on a rural road, I will experience fear and loneliness. I will search for you and wonder why I have been left behind. I am not a piece of property to be dumped and forgotten.

If you choose to leave me at a shelter, I will be frightened and bewildered. I will watch for your return with every footfall that approaches my kennel run.

I am a dog - a living, breathing creature. If you choose to take me home, please provide me with the things that I need to keep me healthy and happy.

Provide me with good food, clean water, warm shelter and your love. Do not abandon me. Do not kick me. Do not dump me when your life gets too busy. Make a commitment to me for the entirety of my life, or do not take me home in the first place.

If you desert me, I do not have the means to care for myself. I am at the mercy of the kindness of people - if I fall into the wrong hands, my life will be ruined.

I will experience pain, fear and loneliness. If I wind up in an animal shelter, I have only my eyes to implore someone to save me, and my tail to show you that I am a friend. If that is not good enough, I will die.

I am a dog. I want to give and receive love. I want to live. I am not a thing. I am not a piece of property. Please do not discard me. Please treat me with kindness, love and respect. I promise to repay you with unconditional love for as long as I live.

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