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This is a date-redo from my old posting. Nothing new, still getting requests from AnnaSexxy and shit like that, so still locking posts. I just got tired of always having to remember to check the "out of order" box in semagic. It annoyed me greatly.

Just as an FYI - until journal codes are updated to make me able to DELETE the people I DO NOT WANT reading entries, most of my more personal stuff is going to be friends locked. That should not affect most anyone here, as I refriend anyone who friends me as is not a spam bot or serial friender (you know who you are - GO AWAY!). Most of my stuff won't be locked.

This is not anything going on in fandom. I rarely say anything I don't want the public to know. Heaven knows, I have plenty of journals on email-watch I have never friended. Mostly so I can read the fics I want without havign to friend and read the RL and other fandoms I don't want to read. I have nothing against doing that. But "sexy russians" and the people adding just because they can are what annoy me.

Oh, and the people I know who are still watching these journals, even after unfriending me so I can't read your posts and fics? Bite me.

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