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In other business, commissioners heard from:
� Chris Sturtz, officer for the Humane Animal Treatment Association of Coshocton County, asked commissioners if they would allow the agency to keep an additional $10 of the $50 adoption fee for shelter dogs.

Sturtz said for the past several months, they staff has had to dip into the association%u2019s savings, about $500 a month, to keep operating. The agency operates the county-owned shelter under contract for $12,500 per year, plus the county covers utilities, which run about $15,000 per year, said Commissioner Curtis Lee.

The shelter doesn%u2019t receive funding support from the Four Paws Thrift Store and Pet Adoption Center, Sturtz said. It does receive $1,085 per month from the county dog and kennel fund, plus Sturtz%u2019s salary and benefits totaling $2,100 annually are out of the county general fund.

Of the $50 fee, $12 is for a dog license which goes to the county, $10 goes to the county dog and kennel fund, and the remaining $28 is for the HATA. Sturtz said expenses can run beyond that to feed the animal, treat for parasites, vaccinate, and after a few days, there%u2019s the cost to euthanize the animal.

In 2010, 750 dogs were left in the drop box at the Coshocton County Animal Shelter.

Sturtz said she doesn%u2019t like dipping into HATA%u2019s savings, aswell as other costs the organization could be liable for, such as mistreatment to horses, which can be quite expensive to remedy, she said.

%u201CWe are lucky to have the building and to be able to do the work we%u2019re doing,%u201D she said. %u201CBut if we could keep that $10 that would be a big help.%u201D

Commissioners said about $3,500 was generated by a $10 share of the dog adoption fee in 2010.;
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