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I do not normally do this. But if any of you are reading this on Tuesday and have just a minute or 2 to spare, I am involved with an animal lobby group to get tougher laws her in Ohio. It's very heartbreaking what spurred this bill on, but it is so needed. A real SOB STARVED to DEATH 8 dogs, with 11 others so sick. We have the chance to get it voted on wednsday at 9am. So on Tusday, we are asking people to call or email *directly* Ohio reps. If none other, at least Rep Lynn Slaby (it's a MR, not a mrs).

Please, help a Gator?

I tweeted this- goes to vote Wedneday. We need calls, emails, faxes to law makers. Want to be annoying? AllieGator will share pizza!

and facebook bombed the news stations with this -
I know it is late in the day, but we are trying to push Nitro's Law passage. Wednesday is the Big Day. If this passes, Ohio will have felony laws on the books. has a concise run down of the law, with backstory and links. Meanwhile, this man will soon be able to reopen, take your money and murder your dog. Let's not let him get away with that. 19 dogs is already to many."

Nitro Before

Nitro AFTER- I was going to LJ cut, but this will always serve as a reminder and memorial.

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